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Our database is huge and growing every day.  
We are currently compiling and will soon be adding names beginning with 'J'.

Information about titled people or people with honours  e.g. Sir, Lord, OBE, MBE etc can be found here.

A link is provided at the top and bottom of each celebrity name's posts  {A-Z Name Search Tips} to give you examples of the various spellings of a particular name you are searching for.

Examples: If you're looking for people with numbers instead of names such as 50 Cent and 2Pac, you can find them at the link at the end of the letter Z {Top and bottom of page}. {appears as--> 1-100 

If you're searching for example Bob Marley, he will be located under 'Bob Marley', he will not be listed under 'Bobby', 'Rob' or 'Robert'.  Sometimes a 'William', also known as 'Will', could be listed under either name  but it will always by the name they are best known as.  People like 'Eminem' can be found under 'Eminem' and 'Slim Shady as he is commonly known by both names!  Try using the find next tool from your browser settings.

Don't forget the silent H in names like Zhang, Khaliah, Rhett, Ahn, Kherington and Khloe.

If you know the exact name, great, if not, try our Google Search Box at the bottom of every post. 

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