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nikitha p
You're posts are great! 

I love the celebrity birthday galleries!!!

Hi, You write very well. Liked your birthday gallerys very much. Keep up the great work. Joining your fanclub and would like to invite you to join mine. :)

Patty Inglish, MS

I like your work more and more over time. Your Famous Birthdays also introduce me to people I have never seen before. :) 

Helen Louise Manning
I was amazed to see how many famous people were born on my birthday and my friend kossy! and also, how many famous Helen names there are!! Keep up your amazing work! Get in touch! :)

Tracey Sturgess
HEY Tony, i really enjoy browsing your names database. 

Hi, I find your Galleries very nice. Glad to be your fan :-) You may be my fan too please, if you wish so.


It is my privilege to be your fan, Tony. I not only gain important information, but I also find enjoyment and entertainment as well.


Wow, gr8, very informative and interesting. wish you well with your online endeavours - Navneeth

Money Glitch

Wow, you have great work offering lots of great information, and I love the idea of the celebrity birthdays.


Hi, Your celebrity pages are excellent.You are a good writer. I appreciate your work......I want to be your fan and expect same from your side.Exchange our thoughts and articles will be good for both.

Hazel Crawner

Wow, what a great idea! to make celebs b-days!   =)

Wendy Krick

I love you Celebrity Birthday Pages! I will refer to them often.


What fun and wonderful way to learn things. Thank you so much!

Jen's Solitude

I just wanted to thank you for your great articles. I plan on learning alot from you. :) Oh and congrats on your 3 million page milestone. Incredible!

Teresa Laurente

I like your galleries, very informative, reflective as well. Keep on. More power. Thank you for sharing with us.  Take care and God bless.

Info Help

Great information. Keep posting!

It was a great pleasure reading your hub "Famous Peoples Birthdays for the 28th of May" and deciding to join your fan club.

Hello Tony, You have been highly recommended and I see why. I am impressed by your work and in addition to becoming your fan, I plan to become your student. Thanks. Alan

Raven King

Thanks for birthday wishes! I think your Famous Birthdays Galleries are GREAT! Keep the good work!


I am a big fan of your ability to creatively assemble and decorate your pages; it really stands out from the rest. :)


I loved looking at your collection of celeb b-days. your a great writer


All of us are joining in to say, that May the year which your birthday begins, brings all the special things, that mean the most to you!”

I felt sad reading that all the celebrity birthday's are no longer at hubpages knowing how much work, time and effort went into their creation BUT I am very happy to read all the fan mail who enjoyed the celebrity birthdays, including myself, perhaps being your #1 fan.


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