3, An email from hubpages.  along the lines of........ "The picture and video galleries contained a combination of the following problems.

* Empty or nearly empty hub.
* Awkward to read formatting.
* Excessive Amazon capsules.
* Must have more than 49 words to promote an Amazon product.
* Was not interesting or useful.
* Broken links, images and missing videos.
* Images contained watermarks.
* Poor spelling and grammar.
* Links to sites that are difficult to navigate.
* Not enough words per page {hub}.
* No more than two out-bound links per hub..
* Pages that promote or links to dubious products and offers.

For us, it was absolutely devastating. We are now spending more time on our Celebrity Birthdays and Celebrity Names Database.

View comments-messages I have received from the regular readers of the deleted galleries.

Below is a snapshot example from the Picture and Video gallery.

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