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Thanks to everyone who you linked back to ibirthdayworld.blogspot.com? or placed one of our Banners to your Webpage. Let us know if you have!  

A huge thank you for all comments received and to our celebrity followers on twitter.  A MASSIVE thank you to all our contributors who have been kind enough to volunteer spending their time helping to create this site.

Thank you to the gorgeous Jasmine Harman who is the latest celebrity to link ibirthdayworld.blogspot.com to their wikipedia page  as a source of reference.

Jasmine is a tv presenter of travel shows, including 'A Place in the Sun - Home or Away' and host of a live magazine show on popular radio 'Kiss FM'.  She is also a travel writer for 'Look' magazine, among many other projects.

Torpey is one of our main contributors. He is a retired newspaper reporter and editor who writes about a wide variety of social and political issues as well as various other lighter topics, notably his favorite entertainer, singer/actor Bing Crosby.

A popular writer in the hubpages.com community, his somewhat offbeat views may be controversial, but they are sure to get you thinking. 

If you're ever looking for someone who will keep you on your toes, then the amazing Dottie, our number one contributor will do exactly that.

Dottie is from Boston, U.S. and has just finished raising two young adults who have now started out on their life journeys leaving Dottie to do exactly the same. Right now she writes articles online and has a well deserved fan-base.

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